5 Skills for Efficient Problem Solving
Afraid of problems? Getting Goosebumps in the name of problem solving? Worry no more. Practising these skills will give you experience and confidence to solve problems in any domain of your life.

A world free of problems is unimaginable for many of us. The option we have is problem-solving, as running away or ignoring will not help in the long run. Problem-solving is essential in every phase of life in various aspects, as we face them every day.

For corporates problem solving is an important skill irrespective of the position and industry. The employees are assigned various kinds of issues to be resolved in their workplace. Their efficiency at solving issues will determine the success of the organization. Understanding the art of solving problems will enhance our skills, making us an asset to the organization.

Everybody can benefit from learning the skills required for problem solving. All problems are not the same and cannot be solved in the same way. Some of them are severe and complex. Even after preparing well there is always an element of the unknown, arising new issues. Although planning and structuring will help, but good judgement and the luck factor will also play their role.

Major problem solving skills

Many people stumble in the way to solve the problems. These skills will help in proceeding efficiently from problem identification to implementation-

Creativity for problem solving

1. Creativity for problem solving

According to good problem solvers there are always multiple ways to approach the problem. Looking straight at the problem and applying the same solution will not always help. Creative Thinking is important for a person to look at the problem with different aspects. Creativity will help in bringing a fresh and unbiased perspective. This can be stimulated by techniques like brainstorming and lateral thinking.

2. Researching Skills

Before solving the problem, properly identify the problem. Often people fail because they are busy finding the solution to the wrong problem or without thoroughly understanding it. Researching will help in the proper identification of the problem. Research skills are a combination of skills required for data collection which includes skills like analytics depending on the type of data (Qualitative or Quantitative) being gathered.

Emotional intelligence

3. Emotional intelligence

The measure of the ability of a person to understand and manage his emotions and of the people around. Understanding the emotional aspect is essential for maintaining interpersonal relationships. Emotionally intelligent people can easily gel in a group. They can easily work out which solution will be accepted and how to find a solution which favors all without harming anyone.

4. Risk management

Solving a problem includes lots of risks. So we cannot ignore the what-if factor. To become an efficient problem solver, look at all aspects of possible risks that can occur, and plan how to mitigate them. Risk may or may not occur, but it is always advisable to prepare in advance.

Decision making for better problem solving

5. Decision making for better problem solving

Decision making is very closely related skill. Making a correct decision is important as multiple options will appear at different stages. Taking a wrong decision may lead to a series of problems and crises. A good decision maker is always admired in an organization.

Mastering these skills will be with time and experience. One must have a positive attitude even in case of failure. Keeping the mind open for new learnings will help to understand and master the skill.

“Your ability to solve problems and make good decisions is the true measure of your skill as a leader.” – Brian Tracy

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Poonam Sharma with her never give up attitude is passionate about solving issues whether personal or professional. She is on a mission to change the lives of millions by her writing.

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  1. This is very helpful for people of all age groups. Even we can relate or apply this in our family also. Keep posting like this

  2. Thank you soo much for your inspiration, I heartly appreciate your feelings and words you have expressed in the form of fb page. Hope it inspires those who read this.

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