The Art of Problem Solving - 5 simple steps and problem disappears.

Problem solving is an art
Problems can appear anywhere in our personal or professional life; it is better to tackle them than to dodge. With a right approach we can solve almost all of them as they are like the curves on the road, if ignored may cause big repayments.

How about having a life free of problems? This question would appear as something impossible to many of us, as we know that it is impossible to stay away from problems in our personal or professional life. I agree that we cannot have life free of problems but if we change our attitude towards them, we can make our life better. We must accept these things about problems – they will be there all the time and they are the opportunities in disguise.

“Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity. They seem more afraid of life than death.”- James F. Byrnes   

We all have the tendency to play safe because we don’t want to accept challenges and bear the repercussions, in case we fail. Because of this reason we never try to solve the problem and just chase it away for the time being. It is not possible to chase the problem away all the times, as they may keep on repeating and may eat up most of our time and other resources.

Problem solving can be learnt and practiced over the period of time. It is important for everyone as we deal with them everywhere in professional and personal life. Some may say that problem solving is a natural talent, but it is like leadership, leaders can be both born and made. If we are not born problem solvers, we can learn how to approach the problems and solve them to excel in life. If we think thoroughly, the problems when solved leave us with better options and make our life better. They are in realty making us think for the better options and helps in fixing the things to do a better job.   

Interpersonal relations and business fail because of poor problem solving. The reason could be problems not being identified or if identified, not dealt correctly. Problem solving skill is needed for one’s personal and professional life. It is one of the most sought skill by the employers these days, because with the growing business it is not possible for them to deal with every problem.

To begin with we must have positive approach towards the problems. We should consider them as challenge/situation, because the moment we use the word problem our approach gets negative and we are not able to look beyond that. By using the positive word, we are not disheartened, we take it as a challenge and come up with multiple options to tackle the same.

Although all problems appear different whether they are personal or professional, but they are not. We must understand the problem, identify its causes, gather all the known and unknown facts, decide on all the possible outcomes and implement the most appropriate solution. Using these steps one can easily solve any problem – 

1. Identify the problem – knowing the problem is very important for solving a problem. We must know what we are dealing with and must understand it thoroughly. If the problem is not clearly diagnosed all the efforts will be in vein. It is said that the problem well stated is problem half solved.  

2. Find the cause of the problem – once the problem is identified we must get to the root cause. We must understand the cause that is resulting in the problem. This will help in preventing the future occurrence of the problem.

3. Find the possible solutions – This is the critical part as it requires a lot of patience. In the beginning we may have a feeling that no solution is there but, trust me there are always multiple solutions for a problem. We must brainstorm to find all the possible solutions. A quick tip here is to detach yourself emotionally from the problem and think for the possible solutions.

4. Selecting the most appropriate solution – once all the possible solutions are listed analyse the pros and cons of each to find the best one.  

5.  Act – once you have the solution don’t take much time to implement it as delaying will make the problem worse or may generate a new problem.

We humans are very emotional and because of that our judgement becomes biased. So, it is required to keep our emotions at par while brainstorming for finding the possible solution or in other words consider you are not a part of the problem i.e. detaching yourself from the situation or problem.

I understand this may not seem easy, but it is better to solve a problem then to live with the problem and we cannot always avoid the problems. With the passage of time we will become good at this and will be converting all the challenges into opportunities.

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7 thoughts on “The Art of Problem Solving – 5 simple steps and problem disappears.

  1. Dear Poonam,
    Very well written. I agree with your points and feel that as part of a younger generation with contemporary ideas we should dare to take risks. And well, worrying about repercussions – I would say that it’s best to follow what our culture has taught us: the concept of Karma yoga. Think only about action. Many people have only one eye on their actions and the other in the goal. So naturally they perform with only half their faculties. I feel that the courage to take risks and having complete focus on the action helps to halve the problem and solve the other half effortlessly.

  2. Very well written Poonam. Sometimes, we think that there is a problem but when we go deeper to find out, seems in reality there was no problem. In that case, if we focus on action (as you mentioned), we will not think of problem. Let’s say if someone wants to start his/ her business, he may think of various problems but if you focus on action, you will only see challenges and no problems.

  3. Dear Poonam, You have mentioned right things, Everything We should have to do self, Example if we have to learn swimming, we have to try, otherwise we can’t learn how to swim. Alot of things, in life sometimes we don’t experience in our life, but we have to learn lessons from those people leartnt or experienced in their life, N You said implementation should be done as much as possible when we learn things, If we late that will creates another problem, life is all about learning and we can learn from smaller to larger things. And Person sometimes give up by thinking negatively, even sometimes before starting of work, So strong determination plays an important role in life. Thank you soo much for your valuluable life lessons, I’m happy by reading your pearl like words.

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