8 ways you can stay positive – Feed your mind positively

8 ways you can stay positive – Feed your mind positively
Do you think your anger or frustration is killing your potential? You don’t know the reason for your negative thoughts, but it is hampering your growth both physically and mentally. Here are some ways that will help in feeding your mind and soul with positivity.

Hey there!

Yes, I am talking to you. Have you fed your mind with positive thoughts today?

You may wonder what I am talking about, but yes as we feed our body, we feed our mind too, consciously or maybe unconsciously.

You still don’t agree, right? No worries. You would have noticed that when we see some negative news or come across people arguing on the street, we start feeling low in energy. When these kinds of incidents are repeated for a certain number of times it starts impacting our thinking capabilities making us aggressive, irritated and annoyed.

I agree that we cannot control our surroundings and people. We get influenced by things and people around us. All of us exhibit energies that may be positive or negative. If your energy meter is already bending towards negativity and you come in the influence of a high negative source it will further make you negative. By negative over here I mean the feeling of restlessness, uncomfortable with your own self, anger, frustration, stress and similar others.

Studies have found many health problems related to stress. With stress increases the chances of obesity, which further sets for problems like heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, asthma, etc.

Before you get too worried about the same, I have the good news. With constant efforts, we can fight this situation and stay positive. I would call that as our daily potion of positivity or food for our mind and thoughts. Here are a few ways that you can apply for your daily potion of positivity:

1. Start your day with a positive thought – starting on a positive note will help to stay positive for long. Listening to soothing music, a favorite podcast, or maybe traditional music to which you can relate well. The sound of bells or drums can be considered, as they produce positive vibrations in the air.

2. Meditate and exercise regularly – Meditation helps in better focus, connects you to your mind and soul. Exercise helps in proper oxygen circulation in the body and better functioning of the body organs. When you are in good physical and mental health you will not be affected by negativity.

3. Have a purpose in your life – having a purpose will give you a direction and a goal in life. Without direction one will move aimlessly and will be lost occasionally, with the feelings of no self-respect, no self-worth, not getting enough attention, etc. once you have your aim you will be less prone to unnecessary happenings and gossip around.

4. Look for blessings in your life – blessings make us feel good. Makes us look for positive things that we already have instead of what we yearn for, saving us from the feelings of emptiness and negativity. If we focus on our blessings and strengths, we can prepare to achieve what we deserve rather than feeling bad about not having them.

5. Help others – we generally consider helping as only in terms of finances. But adding value and positivity in someone’s life is a better way to help. If someone is struggling with a negative view or is in a stressful situation, by helping you will feel happy. It is like shooting two targets with the same arrow. The struggling person is relieved out of tension or problem and you get a morale boost with that feeling of helping someone in a bad time.

6. Get involved in some creative activity – writing, painting, sketching or anything creative helps in regularly feeding the creative brain of yours. When a person is involved in creations, he is automatically on the path of staying positive, as creativity keeps the positivity alive. Be aware to indulge in harmless creations.

7. Get close to nature – nature has strong restoration powers, spending some time in nature will be more refreshing than any other outdoor activity. The biggest proof of nature’s restoration power is the self-healing done by the planet earth when humans were indoors, and all the destructive activities were at a halt.

8. Stop criticizing – criticizing whether to oneself or situation or others makes you feel victimized. The victim cannot do anything but suffers. When you accept and stop criticizing you can look for new opportunities around. We humans are prone to make mistakes, so don’t worry, instead of criticizing focus on finding a solution and coming up as a survivor.

We are humans and swing between positive and negative thoughts. The way we need to eat every day, breathe every moment, realign our goals, and so on, we too need a regular dose of motivation and positive food for our mind and soul. So, don’t worry if you get negative, the idea is to realize, refocus, and shift to the positive zone.

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