8 ways you can stay positive – Feed your mind positively
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Do you think your anger or frustration is killing your potential? You don’t know the reason for your negative thoughts, but it is hampering your growth both physically and mentally. Here are some ways that will help in feeding your mind and soul with positivity.

Do you think it is hard to stay positive?

Have you fed your mind with positive thoughts today?

You may wonder what I am talking about, but yes as we feed our body, we feed our mind too. The events happening around us are food for our mind as they impact our mind.

Don’t agree, right? No worries. On seeing some negative news or people arguing on the street, we start feeling low in energy. Reoccurrence of these negative incidents over the time, impacts our thinking capabilities. We become aggressive, irritated and annoyed, because of the negative feelings/energy of these events.

Why is it important to stay positive?

We cannot control our surroundings and people, from impacting us. All of us exhibit energies that may be positive or negative. If you are feeling low and further comes in the influence of a negativity, it will worsen our mood. Negative here means the feeling of restlessness, uncomfortable being your own self, anger, frustration, stress and similar others. Many of us would have experienced reacting to silly things, which were unnecessary. As we loose control and get drained into the negative emotions. 

Studies have found many health problems are related to stress. Which further increases the chances of obesity, leading to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression and many more. We become victims to stress even without realizing and suffer till death.

How to stay positive?

Before you get too worried about the same, I have the good news. With constant efforts, we can fight this situation and stay positive. I would call this as our daily potion of positivity or food for our mind and thoughts. Here are a few ways that you can apply for your daily potion of positivity.

Start your day with a positive thought

1. Start your day with a positive thought

Starting your day on a positive note will help to stay positive for long. Listening to soothing music, a favorite podcast, or maybe a motivational talk is a good way to start. 

The sound of bells or drums may help, as they produce positive vibrations in the air.

2. Meditate and exercise regularly

Meditation helps in better focus, connects you to your mind and soul. Doing exercise will help in proper oxygen circulation in the body and better functioning of the body organs. Good physical and mental health will help in fighting negativity.

Have a purpose in your life

3. Have a purpose in your life

Having a purpose will give you a direction and a goal in life. Without direction you may move aimlessly and will be lost occasionally. 

The feelings of no self-respect, no self-worth, not getting enough attention, etc are the beginning of negativity. When focusing on your aim, you will not be affected by happenings and gossip around.

4. Look for blessings in your life

Blessings make us feel good and stay positive. Making us appreciate what we have rather than falling for emptiness and negativity. Focus on blessings and strengths, to achieve what you deserve rather than feeling empty and negative.

Help others

5. Help others

We generally consider helping as only in terms of finances. But adding value and positivity in someone’s life is a better way to help. Helping someone in the problem will make us stronger and happy. It is like shooting two targets with the same arrow. Help someone in need of time and feel the positive boost that comes as a reward.

6. Get involved in some creative activity

Writing, painting, sketching or anything creative helps in regularly feeding the creative brain of yours. By getting involved in creativity, you will feel progressing on the path of positivity. Be aware to indulge in harmless creations.

Get close to nature

7. Go close to nature

Nature has strong restoration powers. Spending some time in nature will be more refreshing than any other outdoor activity. The biggest proof of nature’s restoration power is the self-healing done by the planet when humans are not destructing. 

Get close to nature for being healed mentally and physically. May visit green spaces or even gardening will help.

8. Stop criticizing

Criticizing whether to oneself or situation makes you feel victimized. The victim cannot do anything but suffers. Accept challenges stop criticizing, you will find new opportunities around. We humans are prone to make mistakes. So, don’t worry, instead of criticizing focus on finding a solution and come up as a survivor.

Humans often swing between positive and negative thoughts. As we need to eat every day, breathe every moment, we too need a regular dose of positivity. So, don’t worry about getting negative, the idea is to realize, refocus, and shift to the positive zone. Only thing to focus on is come back to positivity the moment you realize dragged towards negativity. Why worry about the matters we don’t have any control on? Live Stress-free and let others do their part.

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Poonam Sharma with her never give up attitude is passionate about solving issues whether personal or professional. She is on a mission to change the lives of millions by her writing.

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  1. Very nicely written… It is absolutely true and very helpful for so many people.. Thank you so much

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