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Thinking Different as the name says we aim at provoking positive thinking for the betterment of the society and nation as a whole. Learning for a human mind begins with birth. We gather good and bad experiences during the phase called life. These learnings play an important role in shaping the mind, body and soul. 

The choices we make in our lives are based on these experiences, which may turn out good or bad. We can never go in the past to amend any mistake or in the future to make changes. We only have now, so it is important to understand the power of NOW. 

The decisions we take, doesn’t only impact our lives, but of all the people associated with us. The way we behave with others the choices we make for ourselves, all of these impact us. 

It’s never too late for learning anything. Anything can be achieved with the right set of attitudes and efforts. We aspire for a wonderful life, free of pains and problems. There is no problem in the world which cannot be solved, as it is said by wise people, for every problem there is a solution, we are required to look for it. 

Poonam Sharma - Founder

Poonam Sharma-Blogger

Poonam Sharma with her exceptional observational skills has seen life very closely. She likes solving problems and finding better ways of doing things. She firmly believes problems come into our lives to make it better and hence we should not get afraid, but face them with courage, as they are temporary.  

Poonam holds a master’s in business administration and has a good amount of experience in the service industry. Finding solutions to make the process better is one of the favorites for her.  

Poonam also counsels on matters related to relationships and lifestyle. The purpose of sharing her experience and knowledge with the people in need has made her start writing. She believes with the way of thinking we can change our life and of those around.     

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