Failures are often bad at taste, but they are foundation stones of success, whenever we taste a failure we must learn and grow to be a better version of ourselves.

Failure is a word that can give Goosebumps to anyone even in sleep. We all are afraid of failing in life. This fear leads to tension and stress. What if I would fail the university exam? What if I would fail to execute the new project in the office? What if I would fail to propose the person I love? What if I fail to be a good parent? and the list goes on.

We all have faced failure many times in life and at times it is so fearful that one may get panic attack, may have severe depression, high stress may lead to irregular blood pressure and many more ailments. At times we are so obsessed by this fear that we don’t want to try anything new and even try preventing others from the same. We become judgemental that one cannot succeed in this matter as some n number of people had failed trying.

I may sound strange if I say, failure is not that scary, and you can learn a lot from it. You must embrace failure because it shows you how you can be better and more successful. We all have failed many times in life, in studies, with money or in relationships. We all criticize ourselves for failing and at times we allow our failures to hold us back. Fear of failing is so high that it resists us from trying.

History has shown many times that success doesn’t come easy to all, but if you are ready to fight and keep on trying it will surely come to you. Just imagine how hard it would had been for Winston Churchill for keep on trying as he lost all the elections for public office, until he succeeded for the post of Prime Minister at the age of 62. Or, how about KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders, who started KFC at the age of 65. His childhood was not easy, and he too failed many times in life.

“Failure is so important, we speak about success all the time, but it is the ability to resist or use failure that often leads to greater success” – J. K. Rowling  

We don’t have to run away or avoid failures but to change our perspective towards it, accept it and learn to prepare for the bigger success. There are plenty of reasons for us to embrace it, I would like to put some of them below as what failure can bring us in disguise- 

1. Teaches us – when Thomas Edison was asked about his failures, he replied by saying – “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” When we learn something by failing that stays with us for life long and we can devise a new method. While researching scientists go by hit and trial as they don’t know which procedure will generate the desired result. 

2. Reveals our ability – we come to know that what we are capable of and what is the core area that we must improve on. Unless a person fails, he will never come to know about his limits and will not be able to push beyond the limits.

3. Makes us stronger – when a person fails, he is destroyed but soon he grows immune to the pain and comes out stronger than before. Failure strengthens our character and makes a better version of ourselves. With every failure we grow stronger. 

4. Inspires us – when we taste failure, we know how much it hurts and we work with more energy and focus, often with a wish to avoid another failure. The experience which brings you to the path of success is worth having.  

5. Builds courage – one who fails, already have courage to start as many lack this under the fear of failure. When you are comfortable in taking challenges and accepting failures, you have more courage to take risk and more attempts.  

6. Gives better opportunities – at times we are not aware of our abilities and we try for something which we consider, we are perfect for, but we fail in that. We feel bad, frustrated and humiliated. After some time, we get another thing which we had never thought of and is far better than the previous one. May be its nature’s way of leading to the best suited things for us.       

It was said by the famous basketball player Michael Jordan – I can accept failure everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. Only because of this attitude to try harder every time he failed, he reached to the pinnacle of success. 

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12 thoughts on “Failure is the road to success

  1. Failure is like a canvas to write our string success stories.The only need is to be courageous enough to have an attitude to sink in that failure and carry on with your destination called life..
    Very well written ..lovely articulation.!

  2. Very well written article .
    Failure shows us two ways either fight out the circumstances after going over the causes or get mentally weak and blame the failure on circumstances or persons .
    Those with strong mental resolve rise and take the failure head . It is also said that victory seldom goes to timid .
    Congrats once again Poonam
    Best wishes .

  3. Very Well Said:
    ” Success is not built on success. It’s built on Failure.
    It’s built on Frustration. Sometimes its Built on Catastrophe. ”
    Best Wishes Poonam.

  4. Absolutely true… I think we shouldn’t not stop us from trying new things because of fear of failure….use failure to go ahead

  5. You said Right, And Sometimes Many hav ability to do that thing, but we fear of thinking what happens if we fail, I accept Failure is part of success and step 👣, it gives exact idea how to Achieve Success,

  6. Absolutely right Poonam !
    “No matter how well prepared you are, life has a tendency to knock you down. You don’t fail when you fall down, you fail when you refuse to get up and fight again !”

  7. Adding further to thoughts on success and failure shared earlier .
    1. I will now comment on success to give a link to failure . Success is a relative term , what may be an ultimate success for one may not be the same for other . For example scoring 85 % in a village school and topping the district , u have to consider the fact that village does not have much of facilities like good teachers and internet etc . This may be said to have a higher success than someone scoring 90 % in a school in Delhi with best school infrastructure and beat internet facilities .
    So compete with oneself ,when one is competing with oneself without bothering of how others are faring ( when we compare with others a feeling of competitiveness creeps in which often has an element of jealousy etc ) he is bound to succeed further as now he is setting realistic goals besed on his potency and analysis of environment .
    2. You may talk of the success triangle of knowledge attitude and skill . All the points u have brought out are someway connected to attitude change and the resolve to fight the failure .
    Nice pitch for conducting the seminar on subject .
    Best wishes

  8. Dear Poonam your well written article has compelled me to leave this remark. Fear of failure has been my life long companion and still follows as a shadow sometime. For me the way forward has been to acknowledge its presence and act in spite of it.
    Would love to read more articles from you in the future. Kindly also try and add your own story as to how you overcame your own fears. Best wishes

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