Break free with Positive Thinking
Appreciation is all we have for positive thinking, but also, we find it very difficult to stay positive. Drifting towards negativity is natural to all of us and we will fail a lot in practicing positive thinking, the only way to succeed is keep trying harder.

There has been quite a buzz about positive thinking, right?

But what exactly is positive thinking? And why would anybody think negative?

Before I dig deeper into the positive thinking, I must differentiate thinking to positive thinking. Like we all have so many thoughts running in our mind, present, past, future, fear, happiness etc. All these thoughts running in our mind have some impact on our mind, body and health. 

When we are happy, we perform better comparing, when in tension or stress. So, to put this in the simplest way, when our thinking is generating positive outcomes, that is positive thinking. And the good news is we can train our mind to be positive and think positively.

How to implement positive thinking?

Once you will train your mind to think positively you can do miracles in your life and of the people around you. You can overcome failures, can heal heart breaks, illness, hormonal imbalances, psychological barriers and so on. The power of positive thinking is beyond one’s imagination. But be careful there are certain situations where positive thinking doesn’t work.

Getting in the way of positive thinking is a time taking process, needing practice and patience. I am not saying this to lower your morale, but I want to make up your mind, for trying hard on failing. It is not a task of one day, we have to practice and motivate ourselves every day. So, without further delay I am going to tell you the ways to get stronger with positive thinking.


Meditation and Exercise - practice positive thinking

1. Meditation and exercise for positive thinking

The seed of positivity can germinate only when you have a healthy mind and body. Meditation helps in clearing our mind and connecting better to our subconscious mind. Exercising regulates blood flow to make us physically fit. 

15-20 minutes of meditation will increase your concentration. Any form of exercise like aerobics, yoga, Zumba etc., can be practiced as per your taste.


2. Mind your company to watch your thoughts

You must give up the company of the people talking negative and using bad words. Your ears behave as the entry point for the words which gets in and resonate in your mind. When you keep on hearing the negative and the bad things, they make bad sentiments flow in your brain. 

Surround yourself with positivity and positive minds. This will further strengthen your efforts to be positive in life.


Gratitude - practice positive thinking

3. Feeling of Gratitude

Looking at the things we have will make us think positively rather than looking at the emptiness and missing things. Look at the people who are not as blessed as we are and realise what we have. 

Make a habit of paying thanks to God every day, for 3-5 things that you are grateful for in your life. 

4. Forgiveness to make positive thinking work for you

Most of us have grudges, resentments, anguish of the things that happened to us. These feelings can be for anyone, including ourselves. I know it is very hard and at times people can not forgive for their whole life. But all such feelings are very harmful. These kind of feelings only push you towards negativity. 

You may seek help, talk it out, watch motivational videos and forgive everyone for your own good.


Self talk and Self love - Practice positive Thinking

5. Self-talk and self-love​

Very few of us indulge in talking to ourselves. Very rarely we take out time to pamper ourselves. Mothers at home spend their whole day getting all the work done for the comfort of the family and hardly spend any time on them. 

Self-talk will make you mindful and self-love will make you feel better about yourself. This will further strengthen your positive approach towards everything. 


6. Acceptance

Every person has their own journey and problems. We look at things from our perspective and expect them to behave as per our assumptions. We can’t understand their situations and hence must not get judgemental. 

Accept others as they are and find peace with yourself. Approach things with open mind and look at the things from others perspectives.  


Goal Setting - practice positive thinking

7. Goal Setting for motivation

A life without a goal is like a boat without sail. We must give some direction to our lives to keep it on track and avoid distractions from the path of positivity. 

Small and big goals are required to keep us motivated and have a mission in our life. Your goal can be anything like helping old people finding income after retirement or going on a world tour.



8. List of motivators

Having a record of positive things in your life will help you get back to the track of positivity whenever you feel low and distracted. 

Your achievements, blessings, goals and even the motivational quotes along with positive affirmations can come in your list of reminders to help you recall what you aim at in life.


Try harder - practice positive thinking

Getting positive in your approach and having a positive mindset will not happen in one day, but with regular practice one can be positive in approach towards life. By following the above methods, you will feel the positivity coming in and negativity leaving, making things moving towards the positive side. 

Being human you may feel and get negative at times and that’s natural. Meditation will help you in finding peace in your mind and list of motivators will remind you of all your aspirations to bounce back on the track of positivity. Life is full of ups and downs, but whenever you face a downside bounce back with more strength.


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Poonam Sharma with her never give up attitude is passionate about solving issues whether personal or professional. She is on a mission to change the lives of millions by her writing.

One thought on “How to practice positive thinking without giving up?

  1. Very neatly written article Poonam !! Yes its not easy to sustain positive thinking for long and needs additional ammunition – nice detailing of 8 diff ways! Keep up the good work

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