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The Secret of Success in Life

The Secret of Success in Life

Device this perfect combination of 2 P's for your success

We all are being faced by this question many times in our life. It is easy to get motivated but how to stay motivated for the long term?

We all are being faced by this question many times in our life. It is easy to get motivated but how to stay motivated for the long term? We all get motivated and inspired to achieve big in our life, but this motivation is as easily lost as it comes in our life.

Motivation doesn’t last because it diminishes the moment challenges arise. We all are prone to live in our comfort zones and it becomes hard when we get so habitual that we do not like changes and find excuses to cling onto them. We feel (at times believes) we are not capable to change or who do are from different places or they are born extraordinary and hence are capable to change or bring changes in the society.

Once said by the late American motivational speaker Jim Rohn: “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going,” knowing that motivation alone cannot keep one on track, to achieve goals.

I believe that a perfect combination of Procedure (Sound habits) + Purpose (Compelling Why) is required to bring any kind of change. We need a powerful purpose that will help us to stick to our procedure and a right procedure to reach our objective.  For finding our why, it is required to dive deep into your mind and find answer to certain questions, like what will I achieve after fulfilling this? Why is it important for me? Will I achieve the sense of fulfilment after achieving this?  Once we have a purpose, we can build a procedure to reach our goal.

It is bound to happen that we will fail, and we may take wrong path. The idea is to stay positive, look at the things with different approach. Take problems as challenges. Instead of panicking, detach yourself from the problem and look at all the aspects of it, you will find multiple solution for the same problem and hence can choose the best one. By staying positive we can devise a method to keep us motivated. Some of them are like staying in the company of the like-minded people and celebrating small achievements. We are prone to pick the habits of the people around us, so if we stay in the company of the motivated people, we get inspired. Celebrating our small wins make us feel happy about ourselves and hence more focused toward our goal.

Irrespective of our culture custom and the places of our birth we all have grown up listening to the stories where it’s our attitude that determines our altitude. Those who outperform are among us and are not born different, instead they choose to perform different. Anyone can be there who is capable to devise the perfect combination of the 2 P’s.

15 thoughts on “The secret of success in life

  1. Congrats . Get going .
    My view on success is that it ought to be taken as a journey and not the end of the road . Secondly choose a high goal but break it into smaller milestones and keep patting your back at each stage . Thirdly do not make a perfect plan decide once u have 70 percent inputs and keep exploring that is keep mind open to learning so that when u come across that 30 percent not envisaged u are able to navigate smoothly . Lastly keep in touch with friends .

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