Change your thinking to change your life!

Life comes as a roller coaster ride for most of us. Struggle, failure, heartbreaks and disappointments are experienced by all. Life is 10% what happens and 90% how we react to that. Thinking Different believes that 90% (almost all of life) can be controlled and made better with the help of our thoughts and emotions.

Generally, people don’t control their emotions, instead, are being controlled by them, creating a mesh in their lives. With a better understanding of emotions, the problems and chaos can be reduced making a better life around.

Thinking Different aims at motivating, inspiring and harnessing skills for being a better self in overall aspects of life. Humans are blessed with the power of thoughts which is often underestimated, but thoughts have the power to make and break.

Let us think positively and use our emotions intelligently. Our thoughts and beliefs make us a better human. Using emotions intelligently never means to behave mechanically, but to present a self that is not hurting anyone including self.

Let us aim for a better life, full of abundance in all forms.

Poonam Sharma

Poonam is the author of Thinking Different. She is on a mission to bring positivity and motivation in one’s life through her words. She believes attitude is important in achieving your aspirations.

Poonam Sharma-Blogger
"Everything is possible, Everything is achievable; the journey to win over impossible begins to journey within."
Poonam Sharma-Blogger
Poonam Sharma

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